You cannot buy a domain name directly from ICANN the way you do a registrar. That said, it’s possible to get accredited with ICANN as a domain name registrar. I mentioned some of the requirements for this in my other article, " Can I Be My Own Domain Name Registrar So That I Can avoid paying domain Renewal Fees Every Year?What is good place to buy a domain name? (I’ve heard GoDaddy is not that great, or is it?) (self.web_design) submitted 3 years ago * by uno_sir_clan.. And that’s a good sign, because that means the market is reacting as you would expect it to the same way a traditional currency would.(1) Buy a domain name, ideally a .com (.org,net are 2nd best) through.. This way, you can make sure you like the niche and how your site is.Domain name providers are pretty notorious for having intro pricing.then raising the price on you to make money ongoing. So for me, the best way of judging apples to apples is to look at their 1-year renewal pricing for .com domain names. GoDaddy runs at $14.99/yr for .com domains. namecheap runs at $12.88/yr for .com domains.

This video,, can also be seen at you don’t have a website yet, then 2019 is the best time to get started. And the first step to creating your website is to register your domain name. With this simple guide, you can register your domain name quickly and easily. Before you know it, you’ll have your own little piece of the web.To buy a website, start by searching a website marketplace, such as, to find sites that are for sale at a reasonable price. When you find a website, contact the seller to request information about site traffic, profits, and payment methods so you understand what’s involved.Network Solutions® provides options to our customers to get the domain name you want even if it’s already registered to someone else. Choose from one of the following three options: Make a certified offer. Let us contact the current domain holder on your behalf. It’s discreet. It’s anonymous.Just like traditional real estate, established quality websites and domains will increase in value over the long term. If you have any questions about the process of buying and selling websites, feel free to ask me in the comments. If interested in our website brokerage services, please visit Thanks for your time!