This video,, can also be seen at You Should Take If You Think You Drive a Lemon Car. If you think you bought or leased a lemon car, take these steps to effectively use the CA lemon law. Peruse your warranty and owner’s manual. Go to the dealer and tell about the problem. Make sure it is fully described on the repair order.You purchase a brand-new vehicle to avoid the issues that sometimes accompany older models. With a new car, you know exactly what you’re getting into. That’s unless your new car is a lemon. It.”You’ve been drinking lemon water. You haven’t eaten solid food in weeks. but the ones that are there are famous for the long lines of customer cars snaking out of them at the Drive-Thrus. But this.The hope is that you will give up due to physical and mental exhaustion. The ultimate goal is to have you scrap the vehicle or sell it as-is. This dynamic changes dramatically when the dealer knows that you have an experienced lemon law attorney with a track record of successful consumer protection claims.3 Responses to "Are You Driving a Lemon? Answer These Questions" #1 Bob says: . June 9th, 2013 at 5:35 pm. I bought a 2008 Saturn Outlook in April. I took it through the car wash this weekend and I had water running into the vehicle from the overhead console and the passenger side A pillar.But, if it’s too late, and you believe the car you purchased is a lemon, you are protected. If you live in California and believe your car might be a lemon, and the manufacturer you purchased it from isn’t cooperating to offer a refund or a replacement, contact a qualified california lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law.If you make a lemon law claim on a vehicle because you believe it is defective and the warranty has been violated, you are not prevented from continuing to drive the ‘lemon’ vehicle in the meantime. The vehicle is still your property, and because the case revolves around a defect caused by the manufacturer, it’s very unlikely that anything that might occur based upon the lemon car’s use could.The lemon list: top 10 brands with the Most Lemon Complaints in AutoGuide Forums – Duration: 3:43. 167,824 views