Setup video for the Radiodetection RD7000 & RD8000 TX series transmitters. Including the TX1, TX3, TX5 & TX10 models . Trimble geo gps setup with the RD8000. Setup you rd8000 radiodetection utility locator with the Trimble TerraSync Pro to collect the depth reading as you map utility lines . GPS enabled RD8000. New RD8000 receiver with GPS by.The RD8000 represents the latest in electromagnetic locator technology. Designed to meet our customers’ needs, the RD8000 provides a highly controllable, intuitive, cost-effective and reliable solution for any application, building on the reputation that Radiodetection has for supplying highly accurate, reliable and robust location products.Radiodetection Company History Timeline 2010-present. Radiodetection continued to grow through the development and introduction of more new products: The RD7000M and RD8000M marker locators that combine the leading performance of the RD7000+ and rd8000 cable locators with the ability to find buried ems marker balls.Radiodetection RD8000 The RD8000PDL and PXL are powerful successors to the industry standard rd4000pdl and PXL pipe and cable locators. The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution for any application delivering unique user features.GPR Survey using most modern GPR Equipments like RD 1000, RD 8000.. gas pipes, fibre-optics and drainage pipes that we cannot introduce a sonde into.

This video,, can also be seen at Radiodetection RD8000PDL Multifunction Precision Locator is the industry standard high performance cable and pipe locator. It has a broad range of active, passive and Sonde frequencies as well as a number of unique user features supplied as standard.ILOC: The Radiodetection RD8000 cable and line locator remotely controls the frequency and output level of the Tx-3B or Tx-10B locator transmitters with advanced Bluetooth link from 1/3 mile. Integrates easily with GPS for quick data collection to update utility maps.View and Download Radiodetection RD8000 user manual online. Universal precision electromagnetic and RF marker locator. RD8000 Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download.The portal will continue to grow and add new and exciting functionalities and features to further enhance all Radiodetection’s products. NOTE: The features offered by the Radiodetection Portal depend on your location, compatibility of your Radiodetection’s product and by the subscription level chosen.