Google ‘colloidal silver’ and you’ll get nearly 2.4 million results. There’s a lot of products, information, and mis-information out there. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand the different names, types, and key factors to find the best colloidal silver product for you. colloidal silver historydoes anyone have an opinion as to the best colloidal silver supplement to use. I don’t want to get a flue shot because a couple years ago I had a terrible reaction and so instead I want to use colloidal silver as a preventative. There are so many to choose from some costing ridiculous prices.You are best to shop around and try to find the best prices to sell your silver bullion, generally pawn shops, coin dealers, jewelry shops and even some antique dealers will buy silver bullion for."This is the best colloidal silver market. is of the highest quality" – Horus C "very good, thank you" – Vern L "Will continue to buy!" – Steven D "ACS 200 is a potent, very high quality silver!" – John W "This is an excellent form of collooidal silver." – Willie C "Great product at great price and delivered.”Glutiathone,” Theodore Hersch MD, said, “is the body’s master antioxidant and best-kept secret to maintaining health. have a good nebulizer and use a high-grade colloidal silver as well as a.

This video,, can also be seen at Moonraye's board "Colloidal silver", followed by 284 people on Pinterest. See more. Colloidal Silver Benefits Where to buy The BEST Colloidal Silver?Instead, you purchase it in bulk and use it by brushing your toothbrush into a small glass container of the stuff (it contains colloidal silver to prevent bacterial. They can also buy reusable.The three main types of silver most often used for health are: Ionic silver – A majority of products labeled as colloidal silver are this type. I suspect this is primarily due to the low degree of production complexity required and the low cost.GNC and The Vitamin shoppe sell colloidal silver both online and in their retail stores. walgreens sells colloidal silver online only. Amazon sells colloidal silver through several online retailers. According to the NCCAM, colloidal silver is comprised of silver particles within a liquid base. Colloidal silver is sold as a dietary supplement.